Friday, 14 August 2015

Pottering about

Seven pots: shallots, baby spinach, spring onions, rocket, paris market carrots, small head lettuce and mixed leaf lettuce. I never new rocket was a brassica, no wonder the cabbage moth caterpillars love it. I'll keep a close eye on them.

Cover's off my tower. Much easier to reach the taps now. My lime needs pruning of the frost damage new growth, will do that in another few weeks when night time temps are 5 or so.

Bloomsdale spinach is growing very nicely in this tub. I'll transplant some to the beds but might leave one in here or in one of my self watering pots, as it seems to grow very flat.

New place for my leaf mold. I hope ca ses no problems keeping it like this near the brickwork. There's no nitrogen sources in it so it shouldn't attract any pests, and it will gradually go down and be used in the worm bin/compost etc. or for mulch.

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  1. Such a beautiful little courtyard garden!