Friday, 21 August 2015

1 week to go...

What a lovely almost-spring day! Only a few weeks and my main bed will be start getting full sun.

My pots doing great. I might move the rocket closer to the hedge as it seems to dry out fastest and I don't want it to bolt too quickly.

My fennel seems to be putting on a bit of a growth spurt now it's getting sun, hopefully ready to harvest in a few weeks.

My radish cotyledons when planted in this potting mix / coco coir mix seem to be extra big, hopefully leading to very healthy radishes.

Tarragon is really taking off. Still don't remember it flowering, maybe these shoots are all from the same underground root system.

My herb bed is really bursting with activity. Everything has bounced back or taken off (except the marjoram?). It's going to be painful to transplant it, then again I don't need to transplant everything, only one of each seedling or a small subdivision. The rest I can dry, freeze or give away.

I transplanted a very root bound tub of a baby beets straight into an empty spot in the garden. I know that they don't transplant well so essentially the whole thing went in in one piece, let's see what happens.

Well I suppose I could eat this broccoli head.

Can't wait to slice these up and eat them. 

The cut garlic shoot is coming back. I planted these guys mid-autumn so hopefully will be ready before summer. It was pretty much just random garlic from the store, so I have no idea what I'm going to get.

It's just after lunchtime and this bed is finally seeing sun. So it's definitely a summer bed. I've topped it with some bagged soil and cow manure and expect the level to drop a few more inches as what's underneath settles and breaks down (seeing a few more fat worms in there makes me happy). Then I'll top it up again with finished compost/soil and plant. It wasn't really a trench compost, only a bag or two of fruit peels and onion skins, most of it what filled it was partially composted shredded leaf/leafmold and the slashed green manure.

I cut back the stems over my over-wintered chillis. These are the two that still looked like they might be alive (stem was green and not hollow). I'm hopeful that they might have some little green shoots soon.

If not I have plenty of these guys. By not using any grow lights I'm hoping they won't need hardening off.

I'm not the only one getting ready for spring! I hope she doesn't decide to swoop me when I come out in the garden. Once this oak is full of leaves should be pretty much invisible.

My Lemongrass has survived winter (I hope) with about 5 shoots that are still alive. I have mulched it with it's fallen comrades. I'm thinking this 30cm pot is maybe not big enough so I may re-pot it in a few weeks. I won't be getting any more 30cm pots, 40cm is a much better use of the space (25 percent wider but double the volume).

 Sun is higher now so that my balcony greenhouses are getting sun on the lower rungs and shaded on the upper, the reverse of a few weeks ago. So I might move them or just work with that arrangement.

 Happy gardening!

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