Tuesday, 11 August 2015


We started our garden last spring, 2014. We purchased the house we'd been renting for a while, and soon after purchasing realised there was significant damage due to leaking water beneath the bathrooms. It was a long, depressing time getting them repaired and renovated. To take our minds off it, we focused on turning our neglected little courtyard into a garden.

I wish I'd taken some more "before" photos but I only really have one that I took of our Japanese maple. The courtyard was essentially just a weedy lawn and some hardy low maintenance bushes along the fences and windows. The bushes were also choked with weeds. Gradually we've turned it into a pretty and productive little garden space and I'm continually trying to improve it.

I hope this serves as some inspiration for those looking to make urban gardens out of small spaces. Our courtyard is actually a good size as far as inner city townhouses go these days, and it's North / Northwest facing so gets plenty of spring and summer sun.

I would like to share old progress photos and current updates and what I've learned through trial and error.

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