Thursday, 5 November 2015

First kohlrabi harvest

More rain but things are growing well. I discovered why I've had nearly ripe blueberries for a few weeks now but never seemed to have fully ripe ones - there's some birds that keep taking the ripe ones. I've now netted the blueberry bush. I'll have to net the raspberry too when the berries start turning red. And the strawberries.

I pulled the mizuna and perpetual spinach which have both bolted. I've planted some more mizuna. I also planted some snow peas, it might be a bit late in the season but I'm determined to get a crop this year.

I pulled the biggest Kohlrabi today. It had an impressive root system - lots of fine shallow roots. I'll be gradually harvesting the Kohlrabi and turnips and then the cucumbers and zucchinis will have more room. I'll top the bed up too at this point and mulch it.

How did it taste? Quite good. Probably not worth the space next year, maybe just 2 in a pot or something. I might try to grow them in autumn/winter season.

It's a bit like a broccoli stem, but juicier, with a sweet cabbage taste with a hint of radish. Very nice texture. I'm going to juice the leaves with some apples.

That's it for today. Happy gardening!

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