Monday, 23 November 2015

Baby vegies

 Another happy morning in the garden. Very nice weather this week, plenty of sun but not scorching hot.

Well well, this cucumber is finally sending out some tendrils.

Baby lebanese cucumber.

These transplanted tomato suckers now happy in full sun, so should almost have adequate root growth for transplanting to the whiskey barrels. The sugarsnaps will probably come out in a week or two, there are few or no new blossoms but the existing peas will provide one last harvest.

Baby sweet banana capsicum.

Potatoes almost ready to be topped up.

This is the white cucumber, it's looking especially prolific.

On the Wee b little pumpkin there are three or four baby gourds!

First blanco lungo cylindrico zucchini. Don't ask me how it got pollinated with no male flowers present before the bloom. Ants? I had a seedling mix up so was confused for a bit as to why these were so pale and long as I thought it was the black beauty!

Borage flowers are so pretty even before blooming! Beautiful purple and red hues.

Squash should be ready to start climbing the trellis soon.

Okra looking better. It even has its first flower pods I believe. I removed the crowding borage and tomato leaves so it should get more sun now.

Baby marketmore cucumber.

There's some encouraging growth from branches I removed on the hedge. I will give it a foliar feed on my next days off. I will need to top it again too I think.

Pruned many lower leaves off the tomatoes. Keeps any off the ground and should give the basil and companion flowers a bit more dappled sunlight.

Probably 50+ tiny lemons on our lemon tree. I'm hoping to get 20 or so to maturity. Still can't see more than 2 on the lime tree.

The soil level in the corn bed has dropped at least two inches. The corn is a really heavy feeder - although there was much trench compost/green manure here, so it's also from that breaking down and settling.

Baby poblano! This bush is looking like it's going to be one heck of a producer.

Many more ripe raspberries - birds haven't seemed to attack it yet, even the wattlebirds in the nearby oak who were pinching the blueberries. A bit of leaf damage too - I think it's sun scald? I'll cut them off when I have more leisure. The moisture meter shows this one drying out fairly quickly - the potting mix is from last year and has no coco coir in it. So I'm giving this a water in between running the irrigation every 2 or 3 days.

This is the black beauty zucchini. So far the growth habit is compact but I expect it to get bigger. Has its first fruit too.

Climbing beans, bush beans, kiwano, shallots, celery and buk choy which really enjoys the afternoon shade.

These potted shallots will be harvested on the weekend. They're probably about 3cm diameter which are easily the biggest so far.

Marigold finally about to bloom. I'll need to start them earlier next year.

This poblano has gone yellow so either I bumped it or the plant has decided to ditch it. Shame.

Eggplant flowers. The large black beauty flower should open any day now.

These parsley seeds finally coming up. I'd almost written them off. Can't have too much parsley.

Dill, rocket, ageratum, corn salad (bolting) in this morning sun only area.

Neighbour's jasmine. Is it attracting or stealing the bees? I can't decide. But there are fewer bees than last season so far. Hopefully when more of the flowers bloom this will change (I can't wait for the sunflower head to form).

This is why we do it! Our own baby potatoes, sugar snaps and mint made a very nice dinner this week.

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  1. The potatoes were so yummy. Epic work with the tomatoes!