Thursday, 1 October 2015

Warm sunny days are here!

The warm weather has finally arrived, and it's forecast to go most of October! It's possible we won't see another frost. I'm strongly considering planting out my capsicum and eggplants now (I do have a cover for the bed I will plant them in).

In the last few days the hoverflies have shown up too.

Cucumber, zucchini and pumpkin (gourd)  seedlings started early this year. I'll probably do a successive planting a few weeks before they got hit by the powdery mildew last year.

I have had to move all my tomatoes to the top shelf as they are getting tall, fast. Eggplants are in the middle row. I don't know if they'll make the end of the month without me being unable to remove them easily.

Chilli and capsicum seedlings - the second from the right is labelled "Jalapeno" but it is obviously an eggplant, oops. Good thing I have a spare.

Long overdue due to laziness but I finally potted up my basil. They got a bit attacked by aphids and possibly slugs but I think most of them will bounce back.

Have a number of spares started just in case (and more in seed trays). Can always away any I don't need.

Radishes. The second and fourth rows were planted first but the cotyledons were eaten by rats - many are forming leaves anyway, we'll see how they go.

First sugar snaps forming. If the rat kills another mature plant I will be very unhappy.

My chocolate mint doing really well now. Aphids were breeding in the bottom of it but I've taken care of them.

My spearmint already filled its pot.

Lemon balm. I am thinking now 5 plants was too much seeing the clumps rapidly expand. Last year I had something like 20 plants in a pot half this size though!

Tarragon finally bouncing back with new growth, it didn't enjoy being transplanted.


Sage loving the pot.

New parsley and chervil are doing nicely (rats even tried to eat these, so I'm now covering at night).

Kohlrabi starting to swell slightly.

These beets were started back in Autumn so I don't know if they'll bolt before making beets but they are ever so slowly getting bigger.

My early corn is doing well, if we do get more frosts I will cover with both cloches and fleece.

Spring onions flowering, will take the heads off before they start dropping seed.

Garlic, I am hoping it's ready in a few weeks.

Really happy with these mini-head lettuces I have grown in a pot, they look crisp!

Tatsoi starting to bolt. My chinese cabbage is putting on some growth but still looks nothing like a cabbage. I have planted some choy sum and chinese brocolli here too but haven't germinated yet.

Broad beans. I might need to stake these as I'm sure with pods they'll be pretty heavy. I had no idea these things shot out new plants at the base. All of this is two plants.

New peas, hopefully weren't started too late (this fence is shaded in the afternoon) have a bit of a way to go to hit the trellis, might need some help.

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