Friday, 9 October 2015

Planting out

Sunflower! I hope the legginess doesn't cause a problem.

I've taken the net off the Kohlrabi as they do cause 20% shade which is probably more useful in summer and I want them to grow faster.

The turnips grow very differently - smaller leaves and lighter green compared to the huge, dark green leaves I got in winter/shade. Very adaptive.

Kohlrabi starting to swell.

Enjoying our first sugar snap peas! I have I have transplanted sweet banana capsicums to these barrels and mulched it.

French breakfast radishes. The ones that lost their cotyledons to the rat are behind but catching up I think.

Pak choi. This area gets morning sun only so hopefully they won't bolt prematurely. There are also some small lettuce seedlings here (freckles bunte). To be honest I didn't really enjoy this lettuce but thought I'd give it another shot. I had cos lettuces too but the rat ate them and I haven't bothered re-planting.

I've taken out the asian greens that didn't do well (they bolted without really producing much), either due lack of sun or planted at wrong time of year. The mizuna is doing well and we have been enjoying it as a salad green. The sorrel is also doing well despite the limited sun (I had previously thought they were mache, but they are definitely sorrel).

Baby spinach doing a bit better now, was having germination and rat problems earlier.

I've planted out my capsicums (red/yellow bell, pablano, choc beauty) and eggplants (long, black beauty, rosa bianca). I've also put some opal and thai basil in this bed, as well as marigolds.

Lawn looks really good. Today I aerated it with the hole puncher as I noticed some water pooling during watering.

Radishes nearly ready, just in time for the hot chillis to be planted in.

I've topped up this main bed with some more manure/compost. Still waiting on the garlic - bulbs seem small, could be they still have a bit of growth to put on, could be because the bed was choked with tree feeder roots (and still is around the garlic as I haven't been able to break them up there yet).

I'll probably plant the tomatoes out here soon in the front half.

I gave my "hedge" a severe cutting out of spindly growth. It was probably the wrong time of year. We'll see if I get any new growth from the bottom parts. I'm going to top it now with a trimmer and we'll see how it goes. My other option is to propagate some new plants and interplant them between, or I could grow some kind of climbing cover or low bushes on the other side (there is a strip of soil beyond the fence in front of the footpath). I could also just plant random flower mix out here.

Early corn. Seem to be doing okay, when they are about half a metre high I'll plant the climbing beans.

My perpetual spinach transplants are doing well, and I've just transplanted 5 rainbow chard plants here too. I hope I get a good mixture of colours.

Spinach growing slowly in the shade. Some are growing despite the rat eating the first leaves.

Probably don't need the greenhouse but keeps them getting too cold at night, and (most) pests out at least.

Tomatoes got too tall, so had to remove a shelf and let them growth though.

Remaining chillis and eggplants. 7 varieties of hots for 7 pots, the rest I'll give away.

I've re-potted the  lemongrass to a 25L pot. No new shoots yet. Last season I got a forest of small shoots, I would prefer fewer, thicker shoots - maybe I overfertilised?

Fennel apparently does not play nice with other plants so I've put these in a pot.

New growth on my sublime. It's also dropped some old leaves after repotting, but I'm sure those will be replaced with new growth.

First lime flower!

A cluster of lemon flowers.

Meyer dwarf lemon.

First season flowers.

Blueberry plant looks good but remains to be seen about the fruit. I am not looking forward to re-potting this huge plant.

They are looking plumper... I just hope they produce something edible. I am keeping the water / potash up to the plant. 

Baby spinach growing in this tub. I harvested pretty much every leaf the other night for a risotto, it's come back quickly. Seems to grow better in here than the planter.

Rocket flowers, going to harvest the seed.

Coriander doing really good. Might have to go in a more shaded spot soon.

My cucumber / zucchini and squash starts. They really want to be planted out but the beds are still occupied. I hope the legginess will not be a problem.

More seedlings! Celery, chicoy, basil, okra, marigolds.

My early basil starts doing well after being hit with disease (except for the opal one, obviously). More importantly I now have basil for my sandwiches!

Thanks for looking!

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