Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Seedling transplants

Potatoes doing well. Too big for the greenhouse now, so I'll need to cover them if we get another frost (they should be protected enough from 0 or -1 just being on the balcony). Almost ready to top up again. Wonder if I should use more (expensive) quality potting mix or just some coco coir and fertilizer instead. I have plenty of spare seed potatoes, I might add one when I raise them up as I've seen some people get pretty poor harvests in the top half of their grow bags.

All my eggplants, tomatoes, capsicums and chillis are now transplanted to small pots. Will probably not pot any up again before planting in 6 weeks or so.

I planted everything quite deep, not just the tomatoes, hopefully won't get any stem rot. I've read conflicting information about it but generally people say you can bury them deep.

New container lettuce doing well. Rodents have been eating a lot of my new seedlings including my rocket so I'll have to cover it or move it. Keeping my new pea seedlings under protective cloches. They also just help themselves to large stems of Kale and so on. I might have to start using traps instead of baits as they don't seem to be controlling them very well.

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