Friday, 4 September 2015

Raising strip bed

An afternoon and morning of digging and I've raised my strip bed up with sleepers, also in the back to protect the fence from too much moisture/rot. The rats will need to find a new way in. The fungus infected peas had to come out. I managed to fill and pile around the existing plants, although the smaller kale was moved. Hopefully they'll flourish with the addition of more organic matter.

I dug a trench and put a few bags of peelings and other scraps in the bottom along with leaves, then filled that in. I added cow manure and finished compost, the rest of the original clay, and then topped with a bagged soil product. I was liberal with gypsum through the clay. There are lots of worms in this bed. Hopefully they'll mix it all up for me. I think I'll save my worm castings for planting holes.

Early spring now and this bed is now getting full sun at least part of the day. So this gives me planting options. I think I'll put the rest of the seed potatoes here, maybe onions in front.

Looking forward to my broad beans. Kale is enjoying the spring, still small but is definitely getting bigger.

Not long until I rejuvenate my main bed. Many of my tomato seedlings are ready to go into their own small pots. I also need to plant out some of my other seedlings into the west facing shade bed soon but I'll probably wait for my days off next week.

Happy gardening.

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